Best Cannabis Stocks 2021 - How To Find The Right Stocks

Best Cannabis Stocks 2021 - How To Find The Right Stocks

May 03, 2021


I want to talk about a break out topic right now, which is how to properly invest in Cannabis stocks

I'm going to break it down into a few key points for you to better understand the landscape.


The Basics of Cannabis Stocks

Pot stocks, also called cannabis stocks, are pretty important nowadays because of the crazy amount of growth that's happened in the industry.   

The first step is to know that there are at least two different variations of cannabis stocks. 

  • Essentially these categories can be broken up into medical and recreational marijuana. 


In the United States, there are about 33 states where medical marijuana is legal.

  • This means that doctors and health care institutions are able to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients usually for anxiety, depression, pain, etc. 


As the number of states that have also legalized recreational usage of marijuana continues to increase, people are starting to feel that eventually, it'll be legal across the United States. 


This will allow for a massive increase in the market cap of worldwide spending on cannabis.

There are reports by Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics that estimate worldwide spending on cannabis was around $12 billion in 2018 and will probably rise to around $33 billion within a few years. 

The Plant Itself

Another thing that needs to be cleared of is that different parts of the plant have different properties.


  • There's the psychoactive part of the plant known as THC that makes you "high" and then there's the CBD portion of it. 


The CBD portion is the one that doesn't have any psychoactive properties. 

It actually has several health benefits and it's used to treat different ailments.

 Cannabis Stocks on the Market

As of early 2020, there are about 50 public companies.

That may sound like a lot at first. 

However, if you do the research on this industry for a few weeks, you'll be able to have a good grasp of the space.

This is rare in other market spaces where there are hundreds if not thousands of companies and you can't ever really grasp it all.  

Publicly-Traded Stocks 

It's definitely important to go ahead and figure out where the publicly-traded cannabis stocks are.

You can use different stock screeners like Finviz, or which are both great websites to find the top Pot / Cannabis stocks. The hottest ones to take a look at currently are definitely: 

  • ACB - Aurora Cannabis
  • CGC - Canopy Growth Corp
  • GROVI - Grove Inc - more CBD focused but definitely an up-and-comer with a solid management team behind it to grow


There are both the actual growers/retailers and the biotech companies on the different markets.


A New Market

Make sure to understand that this industry is still developing.

  • There's a lot of volatility and a lot of rules that are likely to change in the near future as bills pass through Congress.


The bill that made its way through Congress in November of last year gave a lot of rally to the recent stocks and people are getting pretty excited about it.


Once it becomes federally legal, you'll see a huge increase in the number of companies on the market.

  • Like any market, there will be the real ones which are obviously the ones that are going to grow successfully
  • The false ones that are just trying to ride the hype will get exposed and die out, which happens in every company, in every realm.




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