How to Buy Penny Stocks On Your Own 2021 (Without a Broker!)

How to Buy Penny Stocks On Your Own 2021 (Without a Broker!)

Apr 30, 2021


In this lesson, I'm going to be teaching you guys how you can get started trading penny stocks.

We're going to talk about:

  • the different markets they trade on
  • where you can find them
  • how you can get started today buying and selling penny stocks for profit.

The Different Markets

The first thing you have to know is that there are different markets upon which stocks trade on, which you might have seen on CNBC or Yahoo finance, like NASDAQ or the New York Stock Exchange

There are certain regulations or procedures you have to follow in order to be listed on the different markets, but fortunately, it's very, very simple to understand. 

There are also a few acronyms you’ll see often which refer to the different types of stocks themselves, for example, there's the OTCs, penny stocks, and pink sheets.


  • These are all different, essentially stock market exchanges upon which companies can go public and where you can buy and sell stocks.


There are different levels of varying regulations that are required in order for companies to list on the various markets.

  • The NASDAQ and the New York stock exchange are home to larger companies like Apple or Facebook

 The rest of the stocks, which are way smaller, mostly trade as penny stocks, also known as the OTC markets and the pink sheets.


  • The reason these are so much more volatile is that the companies are not required to give financial disclosures or audited financials.


Technically the company can be doing or making up whatever they want in order to get listed on these exchanges, and it's much cheaper to get listed on these exchanges as well.


  • The most important thing to understand, however, is how do I as an individual trader get started?


What can I do in order to start trading and buying and selling stocks?

Today, it's all done online. 


Trading Platforms

Because of the internet, there are now electronic brokers such as E-trade, SureTrader, TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, Fidelity, and many more.


  • On all of these platforms, you can just go online and open an investment account with each company that'll allow you to trade companies on these stock exchanges.


It's very important for you to understand that certain companies don't list certain stocks

For example, Robinhood, they don't have any pink sheet stocks.

 In fact, they even don't even have most of the OTC stocks. 

This makes it harder for day traders to use something like Robinhood because they don't really carry the important pump and dump stocks and penny stocks that we like to trade.

 They'll have all the blue-chip stocks which are on the New York stock exchange and are good for long-term holding, dividend income or swing trading.

So, when you're looking for your electronic broker, make sure you just pay attention to which markets they include and which stocks from which segments and indexes are included to make sure that you’re able to trade the stocks that you want.


So that's a quick synopsis on how to get started trading, what markets that stocks are even on, and what you need as an individual trader in order to be able to buy and sell stocks.


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