InPennyStock Blog: How To Make $900 In 2 Hours Trading Stocks

How To Make $900 In 2 Hours Trading Stocks

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[00:14] Case study -- XNET stock
[01:17] You can use Robinhood and Google to analyze and profit off of a stock
[01:36] Google chart is sufficient for quick analysis of any stock unless you want to look at level 2 and the volume of shares being traded.
[02:08] Always keep an eye on the top gainers and top losers of the day
[03:08] Trade in a chatroom because you'll have a group of traders who will be able to call out different stocks. BEWARE: Just because someone called out a stock doesn't mean it's the right time to buy.
[03:24] Double top rule
[03:57] The stock market is most volatile in the morning because of all the pre-trading activities, queued-up orders etc.
[05:37] I set an alert at the top for when the XNET went back up to the high it set in the morning.
[07:30] When you're on the go and can't actively monitor the stock, set a trailing stop loss.
[09:11] I didn't do a limit order, even though I always recommend it, because I knew there was a lot of volume and momentum going on.
[10:23] When there is uncertainty in a stock, people who have it short might get squeezed.
[12:16] Trailing loss is not always the best tactic because the shares you put in the trailing stop loss are now locked up. So you have to cancel that trade before you can put in a sell order.
[13:42] is a great platform to be able to see the change in prices of certain stocks.
[14:24] If you have any questions, leave a comment below or email me at [email protected]

Break out: is any time a stock breaks its old high [06:49].
Level 2: is a feature on trading platforms that allows you to see the order book [08:42].
Short squeeze: is when short sellers cover their positions by closing out their trades and buying [09:20]

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