Stock Trading For Beginners With Robinhood App (2021)

Stock Trading For Beginners With Robinhood App (2021)

May 13, 2021


Robinhood is a brokerage platform [i.e. a platform that you can make an account with and it allows you to buy and sell stocks] that pioneered commission-free investing.

[00:43] What is Robinhood?
[00:56] Robinhood is a brokerage platform that allows you to buy and sell stocks
for free.
[01:15] It is the commission portion of your buying and selling that is for free.
[01:24] In the past, to protect the average person, the government made it that
you need a registered, certified adviser that is able to buy and sell on your
[02:26] With the advent of the internet, technology and software were created for
people to just go online and buy or sell stock. But on the backend, there
was still someone going ahead to initiate the trades on the stock
exchange floor.
[02:53] Robinhood was the first platform to be commission-free. And since then,
other brokers like TD Ameritrade have stopped charging commissions.

[04:44] Robinhood reduces barrier of entry for a person who has never bought or sold a
stock before.
[05:45] If you are afraid of putting money in stocks because you feel you don't
know enough, you can learn the rules to win at
[06:33] You can make a Robinhood account while you're in the bathroom and buy
and sell your first stock.

[06:55] For the advanced day trader, Robinhood is not necessarily for you.
[07:04] Robinhood is not the best day trading app IF you want the most amount of
technical analysis and crazy detail.

[08:17] There's no initial dollar deposit you have to put down. You can open up a
Robinhood account today and not put money into it.

[09:14] Robinhood released a crypto product, Robinhood Crypto. You can buy and sell
cryptocurrencies through your phone.

[09:41] The market is not set up against you. You have access to all the tools, resources,
beneficial activities that can make you money.
[10:11] Financial literacy is more easy than you thought. You have hundreds of free
learning resources and you have free platforms that let you buy and sell.

[11:09] Robinhood's Cash Management Tool
[11:21] Your banks want you to put your money with them because they invest
your money.
[11:54] A bank is not required to keep all of your real cash in the bank. They keep
a certain amount, and the rest they trade and invest and give you an
interest fee.
[12:29] With Robinhood, if you create an account, transfer cash, and let it sit there
doing nothing, you're still going to make 2% a year.
[12:42] Compounding -- if you're in your 20s, 30s, you can start investing now, and
a few thousand dollars now traded and invested month over month will
end up being millions of dollars in your 60s, 70s, 80s.

[14:44] Click on the description below. It will you to a link where when you start investing
with Robinhood, you'll get a free stock and I'll get a free stock.

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