Level 2 Strategies | How To Out Trade The Competition

Level 2 Secrets How To Out Trade The Competition for Faster Executions

Nov 23, 2019


If you've made it to level 2 in stock trading, you're probably well on your way to understanding and mastering the techniques needed to be a successful trader. 

However, sometimes we're still not able to get in on a stock at the price we want.  

I'd like to give you some specific strategies that you can use today, and any day you trade, in order to execute faster and lock in the shares that you want to buy or sell at the right price.


Limit Orders

The most basic principle is to always utilize limit orders. 

Limit orders, which are different from market orders, allow you to choose a specific price to buy and sell out. 

When the price of a stock is shooting up and spiking, (or if you're shorting and the price is falling and you want to get out quickly), you'll need to make sure you position the limit.

  • Order as few pennies ahead or behind of what you want to buy or sell at.

If the trend is going up you want to make sure you're putting your limit order at 1 cent or 2 cents above the current order price. 

You might make a little less profit, but you're going to get your trade executed and get in a position.

Sometimes you may find that when you do a limit order at the dollar point during a pump and dump, you get stuck, worried, and you hesitate.

  • You may feel stressed and put in a fast limit order end up losing out on some profit that you could've made. 

Making sure you're prepared and you know the best tactics will help you avoid hasty decisions that are not profitable. 



Don't Always Trust the Buy and Sell Orders You See in Level Two

When you're doing OTC VV or pink sheet buy and sell, you will see that there are different market makers on both sides.

  • Don't always feel like that's definitely set-up right when you're evaluating the strength or weakness.

You have to make sure that you understand that it could just be the market movers, setting up the blocks in a certain way to manipulate the price.

It's good to always keep this in mind.


I'd like to give you two specific ways that you can increase your trade speed so that you can lock in the right executions which are:


Utilizing the Best Broker

This requires a slightly higher minimum than usual, but it's worth the payoff

If you:

  • enjoy trading
  • are invested in level two
  • are watching the InPennyStock videos
  • are taking the time to research and learn 

This next step means you are able to trade with interactive brokers.

These are very fast executing platforms with a wealth of resources.


 Utilize the ARCA Market Mover

This will allow you to execute your orders faster.

These are just some quick tips on how you can utilize level two to have faster trading execution.



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