The Best Way to Learn How to Trade Stocks

The Best Way to Learn How to Trade Stocks

Nov 11, 2019

The Best Way to Learn How to Trade Stocks

There are many people that have heard about stock trading, penny stocks, and dividend stocks, but are unsure where to begin. 

The key thing everyone needs is a step by step process.

  • It's important to understand that stock trading is just like any other skill.

Just like a sport or anything that you want to get better at, you have to constantly refine, study, and revise your skills. 


Know When to Cut Your Losses 

Let's think of some of the great poker players out there.

Even though some of these players lose money from time to time, a lot of the time they end up walking away with hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars.

And it's all just about two concepts.

  1. When you're up and making a profit, you don't want to get greedy. You want to sell and you want to lock in those profits.
  2. Minimize your losses. It's important to know when to sell before your losses start adding up. 

If you follow the rules we teach at In Penny Stock University and make sure you're not putting all your capital in just one single trade you'll be sure to stay in the game. 

  • Proper stock traders know exactly when to cut losses.




Support Channels

Whether it's a friend, a mentor, a forum or a chat room online, it's important to interact with different stock traders.

Having a support network really helps to have somebody to keep you accountable.

  • When you enroll at the In Penny Stock University we also give you a free membership sign-up for your spouse or for a friend.

Having support keeps you motivated and more likely to stay accountable while you go through the course.


Virtual Trading

Virtual trading allows you to see how the stock market works and know how it feels to buy and sell stocks without actually risking your own money.

Practicing virtual trading will help you to feel as comfortable as possible before you begin your real investments.

  • A simple Google search for 'virtual trading platform' or 'free stock simulator' will provide you with numerous results. 



Investopedia has a great free app,, with which you can try your trading during the actual market when the market's open.

  • This allows you to figure out how to pick securities, make trades, and track your results without risking an actual dollar. 

In order to be a successful trader you also need to understand when to trade.

It's common for new investors to feel as if they need to be trading every hour the market is open, but that's not the case. 

Many successful investors don't even trade every day.

You won't find the best setups until you've put in the time to understand the patterns and understand the market.

The only way you're going to do that is step number three of learning how to stock trading, which is just consuming as much information as you can.


Do the Research

This might sound obvious, but you'd be shocked as to how many people throw hundreds and thousands of dollars in the stock market before they even learn the basics.

Make sure that with any tool you use for stock trading, be it In Penny Stock, TD Ameritrade, E-Trade, or the Charles Schwab brokerage platform, you:

  • go through the stock tutorials to see how to use the software
  • learn the different features 
  • constantly keep yourself up to date with videos, courses, and articles

If you want to be successful at stock trading, you have to think of it as a business.

You have to treat it like it's your job.

Investors and traders who are prepared and put in the work are the ones that end up taking the profits.


The Three Major Steps

Get a support group

Whether it's a friend, your spouse, a partner, or you decide to get into a chat room or forum.

Find an environment and a community of traders that you can communicate with and learn from.

Virtual trading

Always make sure that you're refining your trades.

Virtual trading is an excellent tool for investors with all levels of experience.

It allows you to test out new trading strategies you've come across without risking any loss

Invest in your education

And invest in yourself.

There is so much free content online now that you can learn all that you need without risking a single dollar






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