Learn the Secret to Trading Like the Billionaires

The Secret to Trading Like a Billionaire

Dec 14, 2019

As I am currently in Monaco, I decided to do a quick Google search about the average wealth of citizens here and found out that one in every three people are millionaires.
One in every three. 
I kept thinking to myself, how can traders get an advantage like that?
  • How can they utilize the information that millionaires know in order to trade and invest like them
I'd like to teach you guys exactly how to do it.
How to know what the millionaires and billionaires of the world are trading.

SEC Filings

Fortunately, due to the SEC and other international regulations, there's an easy way for you to know what and how the millionaires and billionaires are trading.
  • There are different parts of an SEC filing, like quarterly earnings calls and conference calls. 

There's another form that the top hedge funds of the world are required to file every quarter of the year.

It's called the form 13 F.
Basically it tells you and the world what exactly those companies have invested in every quarter and they're required to disclose a certain threshold.
  • It's been a great tool that lets people know what the top hedge funds are investing in every quarter.
So if you've wanted to invest like Warren Buffet, if you've wanted to invest like any of the other billionaire hedge funds out there, now you can too.
It provides you with all the information to be able to do that.


A Great Resource

I was thinking about this topic a bit before I made this post and I came across a YouTube channel called Investor's Archive.
I'm not affiliated with them in any way, but it's basically just a compilation of interviews with billionaires out there and a source of important information.
  • It's great to be able to hear how they speak, how they conduct themselves, what they're thinking about as they live the life of a billionaire.
Through these videos, I came across a hedge fund called Trian Partners.
Basically they're an activist investor, which means that they go into public companies (like Heinz Kraft and Proctor and Gamble) that haven't been having the best earnings lately, and they'll buy a large percentage of the ownership of that company.
Now again, these are multimillion-dollar companies, so you can only invest or get around 5%.  
  • This will still trigger the form 13 F and allow you to see what they've invested in.
Activist hedge funds, like Trian Partners or Chain Capital Partners, go in and buy enough shares of a company to acquire board seats.
With these seats, they also acquire the ability to make recommendations, put in new management, make certain board decisions in order to navigate and steer the company in a better financial direction.

Investment Ideas

If you want to know how to trade like the millionaires and billionaires, all you have to do is Google 13 F every quarter and all the information you'll need is there.
You can follow the top hedge funds and the top investment banks and see what they're investing in.
It's a great way to get a new source of ideas.
A lot of people always ask me, how do I find the right stocks to trade?
  • Follow good recommendations.
  • Use a stock screener.
  • Look up the F 13 forms and find what the big companies are investing in. 

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