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Best 3 Trading Tactics For The Stock Market In 2019

In the previous post, The Best Stock Trading Patterns of 2019, I discussed three important strategies that we use at InPennyStock in order to be a successful trader:

  • Tracking pump and dumps
  • The double top rule 
  • The double catalyst rule 

Here, we are going to look at the trading tactics that are working.


Day Trading

Day trading is when you buy and sell a stock within the same day

There's a rule established by the government called the PDT rule, or the Pattern Day Trader rule.

What it does is limit traders from being able to do more than four trades in a five-day period.

  • This is a method used to help prevent traders from burning out or losing too much money.

Many day traders don't take it seriously, they just buy and trade random stocks that they receive an email or an alert about.

Just like anything else, stock trading is a skill and the more you learn about it, the more you refine it, and the more you practice it, the...

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Best Stock Trading Patterns That Work In 2019

trading tips Nov 13, 2019


There are several different ways for traders to be successful and to make profits off of the stock market.

Regardless of your background or your experience, it is essential that you know what pump and dump schemes are, what the double catalyst rule is, as well as a new rule I've found that works really well in our current market. 

Despite the fact that Wall Street has heavily invested in making the stock market appear overly complicated, it is actually not so difficult to master the techniques

The key lies in understanding the methods that people are using and which ones are working today.


Pump and Dump Schemes

The most classic method is the pump and dump scheme. 

You might have seen this in The Wolf of Wall Street, where, essentially, people were buying a cheap stock, pumping it up to a large value and then dumping it at the top of its growth while everyone else was still holding onto it. 

  • One of the main ways a stock...
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The Best Way to Learn How to Trade Stocks

The Best Way to Learn How to Trade Stocks

There are many people that have heard about stock trading, penny stocks, and dividend stocks, but are unsure where to begin. 

The key thing everyone needs is a step by step process.

  • It's important to understand that stock trading is just like any other skill.

Just like a sport or anything that you want to get better at, you have to constantly refine, study, and revise your skills. 


Know When to Cut Your Losses 

Let's think of some of the great poker players out there.

Even though some of these players lose money from time to time, a lot of the time they end up walking away with hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars.

And it's all just about two concepts.

  1. When you're up and making a profit, you don't want to get greedy. You want to sell and you want to lock in those profits.
  2. Minimize your losses. It's important to know when to sell before your losses start adding up. 


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How To Find Undervalued Stocks To Trade For Profit - Value Investing 101

investment stocks trade Nov 06, 2019


I want to cover a concept that a lot of you guys have heard about from Warren Buffett, Jack Bogle, all of the true billionaire OG legends of investing, which is the concept of how to find undervalued stocks.

In order to be successful with day trading and choosing the right undervalued stocks, you need to learn to trade based on technical analysis of a stock's price chart.



This is an example of a price chart.

Price charts let you know whether or not you should buy or sell a stock.


Undervalued Stocks Don't Receive Enough Attention

Undervalued stocks don't usually have much volume traded. Often times they're just lying sectors operating businesses.

However, every now and then they come back with strong urgency.

There are certain parts of a company's profile which help you to figure out how if you should hold on to their stock- that's the integrator value.

  • Warren Buffett and these guys used to peruse the...
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Cryptojacking and Other Cryptocurrency Crimes


While the internet has put the world at our fingertips and changed the way we live our lives, how we communicate, learn, and conduct business, it also has a dark side where cybercriminals can take advantage of you as they are using more advanced and sophisticated methods.

Cryptojacking is a new way for criminals to make illegal money using somebody else's hardware.

With just a website that you open on your browser, you can end up maxing out your CPU to mine cryptocurrency as malware. Cryptojacking is becoming extremely common.


What are Cryptocurrency Crimes?

The problem with regulating authorities is that as of yet, there is no clear legal status of cryptocurrency.

Governments all over the world are finding it hard to regulate the operations somehow.

This is the prime reason why cryptocurrency crimes cannot be forecasted or appropriately punished.

One of the most popular cryptocurrency crimes was concerning an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in 2017 which was...

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US China Trade War and Its Impacts on Traders

china trade us Oct 31, 2019

2019 has not been a great year for geopolitics as we can see emerging risks and conflicts everywhere.

With the returning great power rivalry, the threats to global political and economic systems are increasing.

Ever since the presidential elections of 2016 with Trump coming into power, the US. has adopted increasingly protectionist economic policies.  

Due to this protectionism and ‘self-fulfillment’, the US has given up on an important role as a global helper.

The flagbearer of liberalization is itself moving towards restricted trade, rising tariffs, and other economic policies that are not beneficial for the world economy.


The Chinese Economy

China's economy has seen rapid expansion since 2000.

Within a decade, it surpassed Japan to become the 2nd largest world economy by 2011.

  • According to analysts, China is going to overtake the US and become the world’s largest economy in 2025.

Now maybe that’s what is threatening Trump the...

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The Best Brokers: What They Do and Why You Need Them

brokers investment trade Oct 30, 2019

The internet has made life much easier for everyone.

People can pay their bills online, secure transactions, open up a bank account, buy groceries, shop for clothes or shoes, book appointments, consult a doctor, get a degree or order food.

In the same way, people can now invest in stocks, bonds, and funds.

The cost is low and it keeps on falling.

So, while everything is available at the click of the mouse, why should investment and brokerage services be any different?

  • In fact, brokerage services and stock traders that may have cost you hundreds of dollars about three decades ago can now be done from the comfort of your home while costing you less than $10!

To make things easier, this article will help you pick the best brokerage firm for yourself and explain the process of choosing.


What is a Stock Broker?

To explain simply, a broker is a middleman or an agent who facilitates a trade.

When it comes to stock trading, a stock trader can be divided into two types, both...

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Pump and Dump Schemes: How to Avoid Them

If you are planning to invest in penny stocks, you should know how to spot a pump-and-dump scheme.

A pump-and-dump scheme is a financial fraud related to securities.

This type of financial fraud is also quite prevalent in the cryptocurrency space.

There are many groups that offer and advertise their pump-and-dump signals to the traders for a price. It is essential to be able to spot such groups or schemes to stay away from such frauds. Mentioned below are some ways through which you can spot pump-and-dump schemes.


What Do Pump and Dump Scams Mean?

As mentioned already, a pump-and-dump scheme is a common stock fraud which has become more prevalent due to internet trading these days. The fraud involves inflating the price of stocks by issuing misleading or false statements through which demand can be created and then allowing whoever owns the stock to sell it at a higher price.

When the people dump the stock, this means they are selling it at an overpriced rate to the...

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Long Term Stocks for Long Term Profit

investment stocks trade Oct 25, 2019


If you are an investor and looking for market gains and success, the best thing for you to do is to expand your time horizon

Short-term investments do profit in the immediate term, but many times, unexpected events can derail your position. 

  • If you pick ideas from the best long-term stocks in the market, and this can also include penny stocks to buy long term, then you have the chance of improving your odds significantly

Investing in a financially sound company helps in the trading dynamics and even when unfavorable news events can negatively impact a company.

However, in the long run, time evens out all volatility. 

In order to get the most out of long-term investments, investors should focus on the corporate growth prospects, sectoral growth, and financial performances, amongst other factors. 


What are Long Term Stocks? 

As per the IRS, stocks are considered to be capital assets.

The market value of stocks can rise or fall,...

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Is the RobinHood App Giving to the Poor?

investment stocks trade Oct 25, 2019


There are many trading apps available online for investors, along with online brokerages and exchanges.

There are endless options to trade everything from ETFs (exchange-traded funds) to stocks, penny stock trading and even trade in cryptocurrencies.

One of the fastest-growing apps is the RobinHood app, which has grown tremendously since its launch in 2013.

  • The most significant selling point of this App is its commission-free structure in which you don’t have to pay a fee to execute trades.


What is the Robinhood app?

 It is a free trading app which is ideal for investors who want to trade options, stocks, exchange-traded funds as well as for cryptocurrencies, without paying any form of commission or fees.

  • This is a new and innovative service that cuts out almost all types of costs associated with investing.

However, there is a tradeoff for it being a free service.

  • Even though it offers both mobile and web trading, the platforms are almost...
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